+ May Netflix Favs

Sunday, June 04, 2017

I just spent 7hrs of my Saturday watching the docu-series on Netflix called The Keepers. Let's just say it's some heavy sh*t. Throughout every episode I felt angry, sad, and even sometimes hopeful at some parts. You start to realize that a lot of people turn a blind eye due to corruption and fear and throughout each show it brings to light what I believe to be true in this case is the failure in both church and state to bring justice to these women. It really is heartbreaking. You grow up thinking the government and the law enforcement are out there to protect the people, but in reality there are the ones who are being deceptive and this cannot be more relevant than right now.

These women endured so much. Words cannot really describe how I felt after watching this, but I think everyone should see this docu-series.

Also, another Netflix fave is Hasan Minhaj's stand-up, Homecoming King. For those who are first-generation American, this bit is so real that it's kind of scary...Watching this brought up some of the memories of me growing up as an Korean American with immigrant parents.